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QEII Jubilee Stamps
Condition Criteria of our Stamps
We sell our stamps in two ways. The first is a standard condition category, as laid out below, of which we offer unmounted (never hinged) mint, mounted (hinged) mint or fine used stamps. For these stamps a generic picture is shown. The stamp or set you will receive will meet the standards as laid out below.

If a stamp or set does not meet the criteria below we will sell the item as a 'Reduced Price Item' with the deficiency clearly described. For reduced price items the picture is of the item described and will be the stamp or set you receive.

In all cases we want to ensure you are happy with your order. In all circumstances our 100% money-back guarantee applies – if you don’t like an item we will exchange it for one you do like or we will give you your money back.
Unmounted Mint Unmounted Mint means a stamp has never had a stamp hinge applied and has 100% original gum.
Mounted Mint Mounted Mint means that at some stage a stamp hinge has been applied but should still have a large part of it's original gum. A small part of the hinge may still be attached to the stamp but this will not detract from the appearance of the stamp from the front or cause any noticeable creases or wrinkles.
Fine Used Used stamps will have a circular date stamp (unless not used on the particular issue in which the standard cancellation will be offered). A reasonable amount of the design will be visible. Cancelled to order stamps may be supplied.

The perforations will be complete though in some issues the perforations may be slightly uneven particularly in some earlier issues but will not be missing or pulled. The stamps will be free from creases (though in earlier issues with thick gum crazing is the normal state). The colour will be unfaded and the stamp will have no tears, thins or other damage.

Gum will be clear of any foxing or other marks however it should be noted that in some issues, particularly some of the 1930s chalked surfaced paper sets some browning or streaking of the gum is the normal state, in these cases the description will state this. It should also be noted that some issues were printed on cream or off-white paper and may appear to be rather drab, obviously this is the normal state of these stamps.

The stamps in our general category will have a centring grade as fine or above. This means the stamp will have clear margins around the design and will not be shifted greatly in one direction though the margins may not always be equal.

Where stamps have small margins such as some postage dues we aim to ensure the perforations do not cut into the design.

Condition Criteria - Centring

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